Scott Morrison becomes Australia’s new prime minister.

From ‘stopping the boats’ to the PM, his political career has always remained controversial.

Scott Morrison has been elected Liberal Leader and will become Australia’s next Prime Minister after beating Peter Dutton 45-40 in a leadership ballot.

The former treasurer Mr Morrison looks set to become Australia’s sixth prime minister in just over ten years, following a leadership vote on Friday which ended a week of chaos in the country’s capital. He is the 30th prime minister of the nation.

After being defeated, Mr Dutton said he would provide “absolute loyalty” to Mr Morrison.

“To make sure we win the election, that we defeat Bill Shorten to make sure that he’s never Prime Minister,” Mr Dutton said.

A committed Christian and at times controversial figure in Australia, Morrison was an enthusiastic advocate for the country’s strict border protection regime during his time as immigration minister.

Scott Morrison’s controversial immigration stances came into light when he was in the shadow cabinet of then PM Tony Abbott as immigration and citizenship spokesman.

As shadow immigration minister he masterfully exploited the issue of asylum seeker arrivals during the Rudd and Gillard governments, and he devised another effective slogan: “stop the boats”.

When the Abbott government was elected in 2013 Mr Morrison launched Operation Sovereign Borders, the tough, military-led strategy to stop unauthorised boats departing for Australia, a policy which ultimately proved successful.

Now as he leads the country from a supreme position, it is yet to be seen, what kind of policies he will bring into action.


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