YouTuber Shot Dead as ‘Ghost Prank’ Goes Horribly Wrong

A YouTuber has been shot dead in Pakistan while shooting a prank video. Pakistani YouTuber Rana Zuhair was shot and killed in Lahore after a ‘ghost prank’ went terribly wrong.

Rana Zuhair and his friends, part of a group known as ‘Lahore Vines’, were filming a ghost prank when the incident happened.

Dressed in white, Rana was scaring people at a public area in Lahore. It all went wrong when Rana and his friends got into a fight with a family. A gunman opened fire on Zuhair killing him on the spot.

The group ‘Lahore Vines’, had started a YouTube channel about 4 months ago, which so far have produced few videos, most of which being seemingly harmless.

When it comes to involving other people in pranks that can be potentially dangerous even in the slightest, it’s important to be extra careful.

Rana’s friends Abdul Saboor and Hasnat Ali, who were the part of the youtube channel were both taken into custody by the police for further investigation.

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